Edison Electric Chair

Edison Electric chair
Edison Electric chair
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Nice old electric chair ideal for Chiropractic therapy--relax as thousand of volts cascade through your musclesputting an end to all those nasty aches and pains.

The large Edison style bulbs atop light up and crackle loudly to let one know that all is functioning as intended. Best to let the neighbors know beforehand that all is ok in your home. Notice the large 1930's knife switch on the side--cutting edge technology for it's day. Built in safety measures include a large woven belt to hold oneself securely in place--lest one gets a lawsuit for falling while twitching about. The best part is that this is battery operated, no need for high electric bills due to operation of the componentry. Do not hesitate on purchasing this unique offering as similar chairs sell for thousands of dollars.


This item is for pick up only from our laboratoryŚNO DELIVERY AVAILABLE. This chair has not been thoroughly tested and buyer assumes all responsibility in it's safe operation. Should not be used near swimming pools or out houses. Total voltage: 12 Volts (battery) Not safe for use in adult communities or college fraternities. Not recommended for children or small animals.

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